baby hats & more infinity

919 by --erin kate
919, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

Happy friday! 🙂

I’ve been making baby & preemie hats out of scraps of yarn from projects. Here are two that I made over the past week or so. (Once I have a lot of them I’ll be donating them to the hospital.)

I’m also working on (yet another) infinity scarf. Right now I’m working on miles of plain stockinette in this raw sugar/cream colored alpaca (so soft!). This will be the inside, close to my neck. The outside is going to be knit in gold sparkle-flecked pink and sand colored yarn. (Not sure which stitch yet.)

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  1. Love that you're making and donating those tiny hats! So sweet and they look adorable! Also loving your infinity scarves at the moment – maybe I should bite the bullet and get a pattern!

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