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2774 by --erin kate
2774, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I’ve been laid up for a bit after having my wisdom teeth removed & have been knitting away on some low-bandwidth projects to sell at a new local business.

I needed a stamp for a kind-of logo. Rabbits have been my trademark for quite awhile so I carved this stamp out of an eraser . . .

. . . cleaned it up & used it on my tags!

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  1. A bunny is such a great choice! Those handknits are all so beautiful, before you know it maybe you will be seeing some happy (warm) customers walking by wearing your fabulous creations!

  2. Oh you are good! I love your hats and the bunny stamp is wonderful. Can't believe you made that from an earaser (lol, that was a typo, but I'm leaving it as it's so appropriate).


  3. Are those 3 hats the Madtosh Last Minute Slouch? I love that pattern, I didn't know it was okay to sell those! if so, making a million.

  4. I had my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago – it's no fun, is it? I hope you're healing nicely x

    Wonderful stamp! I did this as a child and keep meaning to have another try but haven't got around to it yet. Your labels look really great.

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