en plein air

1 by --erin kate
1, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I haven’t had much time for making things while studying abroad. But on spring break in Italy (!) I stumbled across an art store & jumped at the chance. It was so interesting for me to experience people being able to watch me work. Very strange. It felt so good to stretch my drawing muscles though.
Above: Florence, the Gold Bridge/Ponte Vecchio.

Florence: the Duomo.

The breathtaking view in Cinque Terre.

& a cheesy novel with espresso while waiting for my flight back to Barcelona from Venice.

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  1. How incredibly beautiful and inspiring! I bet taking the time to sketch these stunning views made you really see what was in front of you and take it all in. Sometimes we race around during trips because we want to see EVERYTHING, but I think you did great stopping and drawing these places. I hope I can do something similar one of these days. Beautiful sketches!

  2. Enjoy every moment!! Italy is beautiful!! We lived in the Lombardy region near Lago Di Garda for three years – loved every moment!! Your artwork is amazing!!

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