champagne & summertime knitting

5 by --erin kate
5, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I recently finished (sort of – I’m still considering backgrounds & frames) this watercolor of a champagne bottle. The foil bits are real (!) gold leaf! It doesn’t show up well on camera but in real life it shines.

& on the needles I have this super-lightweight top-down sweater. It’s slow going in the summer weather, though.

p.s. I’m currently interning at an amazing organization : Women4Women Knitting4Peace ! I’m teaching knitting lessons and attending knitting groups, trouble shooting patterns, & a ton more.
Learn more at website !

7 comments on “champagne & summertime knitting

  1. You are such a talented artist.
    The sweater is in a pretty color. It does look perfect for warm weather. Are you using a basic pattern?
    Your internship sounds awesome.

  2. Lovely color on that sweater! Elegant and romantic! ^.^

    I love your drawings – makes me wish I was better at such things… I know I should practice more, but I seem to not get around to! 🙂 Maybe I should dig out that sketch pad…

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