hammock pattern !!

4 by --erin kate
4, a photo by --erin kate on Flickr.

After working for almost the entire summer, I have finished the hammock for my dad !! Above is a picture of him sitting in it.

Here's an in-progress picture with my giant needles . . .

We have the perfect spot to hang it !

& another angle from the lake . . .

If you'd like to make a hammock too, I did write up the pattern! You can buy it below or on Ravelry ! Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions !

or view the ravelry page :)


  1. What a project! That is a great spot to hang it.

  2. This is unreal! It looks awesome and such a nice view! Your arms must be tired, but what a lovely result

  3. That's awesome and has such a good spot. Looks like it would be hard to fall out of too.