flowers, waves, ballerinas & lace

the painting-a-week challenge is still going strong ! above is “flowers” — i tried a little something different & used only watercolor without any pens or pencils with a lot of color.

“peace” — oil on tiny canvases (so cute !!)

update : this was published on eat sleep draw !

“grace” — still-frame ballerinas (just watercolors again!) i also posted a little animation of this one . . .

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& on the needles . . . i’m swatching to prepare to re-knit this lovely paper-thin sweater that i started a few summers ago.

the culprit of why it needs re-knitting . . my new baby puppy of the time thought it tasted great. i was devastated at the time but i salvaged most of the yarn (& that face! couldn’t stay angry for long) & am taking it as an opportunity to incorporate some lace that i didn’t think of last time.

12 comments on “flowers, waves, ballerinas & lace

  1. I love all your paintings! I'm very lucky that neither of my dogs have ever chewed knitting-I know I'd forgive them (I've forgiven them a lot!), but I think ruining knitting would be a lot to accept.

  2. Whenever my dogs are naughty I yell at them, "It's a good thing you're cute!" because, honestly, it's so hard to stay mad at them for very long. I had a dog munch on a pair of wooden knitting needles but never any knit item thankfully!

  3. thank you!! & you are lucky . . . i love her to death & she's chewed up many a thing but this was the one time that i thought i might just give her a slap !

  4. It is hard to stay mad at such a cute face, but it is a shame you had to reknit. It looks like a fantastic project though, so it's probably not so bad to be working on it some more.

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