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i’ve just posted a new skillshare class!

in this class, you will learn to create mystical watercolor moon paintings from outline to embellishments.

we’ll walk through the basics of using one of the most popular and unpredictable watercolor techniques: wet on wet, & tips for creating perfectly shaped moons with all the craters, texture, and embellishment you could dream of.

i’ll walk you through creating an illustration of 2 different moons in our solar system and create 2 more “fantasy” moons to nail down all the techniques & arm you with reference material to create your own illustration for the class project !

skillshare project sample
if you’re interested, you can check it out here! (only 99 cents for three months!)

p.s. no premium skillshare? send me an email (info@ekatearcher.com) and i’ll send you a free link to get you hooked!

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