knitting needle organization & free pdf download

i’ve taken on the rather large task of organizing all of my knitting needles. i’ve mostly stopped using straights in favor of circulars & they are very difficult to organize. i’m using a 4″ binder and binder sleeves.

i made this chart in illustrator to keep track of all the sizes i have to minimize buying doubles . . .

& organized each binder sleeve by needle length & type. easy to store & travel with !

if you’d like to use this template to keep track of your needles as well you can download it here : knitting needle organization

diy : en plein air watercolor kit

image by --erin kate
image, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I’m currently studying in Barcelona & I’ve really gotten into travel drawing/painting using this little “kit” . . .

I started with this $1 eyeshadow palette

– sanded off the label

– scraped out the eyeshadow

– painted the lid white to make a clean surface to mix colors on

-spray painted the outside (gold is best !)

– squeezed in my favorite watercolors (these are Koi brand)

& that’s it! Some things I’ve done with it . .

[p.s. I’m still updating my travel blog if you’re interested !]

hammock pattern !!

4 by --erin kate
4, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

After working for almost the entire summer, I have finished the hammock for my dad !! Above is a picture of him sitting in it.

Here’s an in-progress picture with my giant needles . . .

We have the perfect spot to hang it !

& another angle from the lake . . .

If you’d like to make a hammock too, I did write up the pattern! You can buy it below or on Ravelry ! Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions !

or view the ravelry page 🙂

wip wednesday : hammock !

1 by --erin kate
1, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

My big project for the summer . . . a hammock for my dad’s birthday! I bought 2,000 feet of rope on amazon & started out with size 50 U.S. needles. The 50’s were too small too so I moved to broomsticks. . . & eventually to pvc pipe with duct tape tips. (inspired by the “giganto blanket”)

WIP videos:

I’m working on a possible pattern !

It’s slow going because I can only do two or three rows at a time. . . my arms get sore !

champagne & summertime knitting

5 by --erin kate
5, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I recently finished (sort of – I’m still considering backgrounds & frames) this watercolor of a champagne bottle. The foil bits are real (!) gold leaf! It doesn’t show up well on camera but in real life it shines.

& on the needles I have this super-lightweight top-down sweater. It’s slow going in the summer weather, though.

p.s. I’m currently interning at an amazing organization : Women4Women Knitting4Peace ! I’m teaching knitting lessons and attending knitting groups, trouble shooting patterns, & a ton more.
Learn more at website !

en plein air

1 by --erin kate
1, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I haven’t had much time for making things while studying abroad. But on spring break in Italy (!) I stumbled across an art store & jumped at the chance. It was so interesting for me to experience people being able to watch me work. Very strange. It felt so good to stretch my drawing muscles though.
Above: Florence, the Gold Bridge/Ponte Vecchio.

Florence: the Duomo.

The breathtaking view in Cinque Terre.

& a cheesy novel with espresso while waiting for my flight back to Barcelona from Venice.

updates from bcn !

5 by --erin kate
5, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I’m having an awesome time studying abroad! On the knitting side, I’ve found a great knitting group to practice my spanish. (Even though it’s horribly embarrassing.) I head to Teixicòmanes every wednesday night. : )

Also, I visited the South of France last weekend & stumbled upon two yarn stores. Naturally I bought some Made-in-France souvenirs !

(my travel blog if you want to see more )

hola !

barca by --erin kate
barca, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I’m studying abroad in Barcelona for the semester! It’s only been a week & I love it already.

& of course I brought a knitting project with me. . .

I’m knitting these stockings when I have time. : )

The view outside my apartment!

I also brought this notebook for drawings here & there. . .

. . . a quick sketch I did of the beautiful Sagrada Familia.

If you’ve been to/live in BCN, let me know if there’s anything I must see or do!

p.s. if you want to keep up with what I’m doing, I’m keeping a photo blog here: