wip : rooftop sweater & sketches

I’m still working on this knit-in-pieces, light blue, silk & angora cardigan. I spent a large majority of this summer knitting it on nyc rooftops, hence the name.
above : bryant park movie festival . . catching the last few bits of summer in a little pencil exercise
& preparing for a (very very big) project in oils !!

champagne & summertime knitting

5 by --erin kate
5, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I recently finished (sort of – I’m still considering backgrounds & frames) this watercolor of a champagne bottle. The foil bits are real (!) gold leaf! It doesn’t show up well on camera but in real life it shines.

& on the needles I have this super-lightweight top-down sweater. It’s slow going in the summer weather, though.

p.s. I’m currently interning at an amazing organization : Women4Women Knitting4Peace ! I’m teaching knitting lessons and attending knitting groups, trouble shooting patterns, & a ton more.
Learn more at website !

dancer painting

32 by --erin kate
32, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I had a rare day off today & made this painting. It’s watercolor & pencil on paper with a little charcoal.

I started out with the gesture drawing on the left in charcoal pencil & moved to the more technical one on the right . . .

My work-space was a little different than most of my paintings because of the fractal-things on the sides. I used a ton of address labels & cut them with an x-acto knife to get the straight lines. (coffee a must)

(I also used a little table-salt for texture)

works in progress!

160 by --erin kate
160, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I’m on spring break! I spent the first half of my week-long vacation visiting friends at my old college (I transferred after a major change) & enjoying a little time in nyc. Above is what I was knitting on my 8-hour train ride to the city (A sparkly cotton/rayon tank top) and perfect-sky-blue baby alpaca that I bought at purl soho..

{iphone picture courtesy of my friend marie london}

But I’m home now & working on a couple little things. Here’s the very beginnings of a floral watercolor. 🙂