learn to paint watercolor clouds !

hi friends!

i’ve just published a new class, learn to paint watercolor clouds! & it’s free until december 1st!




learn to paint fluffy realistic clouds in watercolor. covering cloud anatomy & types, as well as techniques from beginner to advanced. whether you’re looking for a way to incorporate clouds into your next landscape or want to create a standalone painting, this class will arm you with the skills you need!

hope to see you there!

– erin
p.s. if you post your work, be sure to tag me so i can check it out !

learn to paint watercolor clouds fluffy
learn to paint watercolor clouds sunset

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* iceland travel illustrations, en plein air

erin kate archer painting en plein air at glacier lagoon, iceland

i was lucky enough to spend the last week in iceland! i made a point to do a few travel illustrations of my favorite spots while i was there – one of my favorite ways to experience a new place! i packed a small notebook of arches watercolor paper, a travel watercolor set, and a few pens for my ink and watercolor illustrations.

above is a shot of me painting at glacier lagoon !

glacier lagoon travel illustration iceland

& glacier lagoon at the end, although not quite complete as the layers began to frost. (you can see this even in this picture on the bottom right of the page!)

hallgrimskirkja reykjavik iceland

a view of the famous church in reykjavik, hallgrímskirkja.

waterfall travel illustration south iceland

one of a few waterfalls in south iceland.

reykjavik city illustration iceland

the view from the top of hallgrímskirkja (taken at 10am – still dark!)


blue lagoon illustration iceland

speed sketch of the outer rivers of blue lagoon – so magical!

i would definitely recommend an iceland visit if you can manage it. even in the dead of winter (we visited in february) the beautiful sights + great people + awesome food made it a definite winner. i hope to return soon !

* painting watercolor crystals — live on skillshare! (+ free link!)

watercolor crystals on skillshare

i’ve just published a new skillshare class, painting watercolor resist crystals! & for this week only, i’m sharing it for free!

crystals are magical, beautiful, & mysterious, and also fascinating from a scientific perspective!

this class will teach you everything you need to know for creating accurate watercolor resist crystals–from basic crystal anatomy to step-by-step instructions on illustrating an example from each of the crystal structures to wet on wet resist techniques & beyond!

i’ll take you along to see all sorts of real life crystals for inspiration at an NYC crystal shop and arm you with reference material (with scientifically accurate sources!) to create your own raw resist crystals!

premium: http://skl.sh/2kt3qev

free: http://skl.sh/2kaz0g4

hope to see you there!

* watercolor moons on skillshare | drawing & painting classes

skillshare class banner

i’ve just posted a new skillshare class!

in this class, you will learn to create mystical watercolor moon paintings from outline to embellishments.

we’ll walk through the basics of using one of the most popular and unpredictable watercolor techniques: wet on wet, & tips for creating perfectly shaped moons with all the craters, texture, and embellishment you could dream of.

i’ll walk you through creating an illustration of 2 different moons in our solar system and create 2 more “fantasy” moons to nail down all the techniques & arm you with reference material to create your own illustration for the class project !

skillshare project sample
if you’re interested, you can check it out here! (only 99 cents for three months!)

p.s. no premium skillshare? send me an email (info@ekatearcher.com) and i’ll send you a free link to get you hooked!

* giant blanket knitting pattern (washable & cheap!)

i finished knitting my giant blanket!

it’s inspired by the gorgeous (but impractical) hand/arm knitted giant blankets floating across the internet. (you know, they materials cost $500+, they’re unwashable, and a pilling nightmare)

i’ve got a solution: create your own yarn out of perfect-for-blankets fleece fabric!

here’s the yarn i was working with, for reference:
yarn for knitting

giant knitting in progress
a mid-knitting-progress image . .
hand for stitch-scale — so comfy !

i’ve posted a free pattern on ravelry, you can see that here.

skillshare knitting class banner

it’s a supplement to my skillshare class that walks you through everything from where to purchase the highest quality fleece for the cheapest price, to how to create your own mega-bulky yarn, to arm-knitting the blanket from start to finish (for less than $50!)

you can check it out here : http://skl.sh/2hVvZTp

updates from bcn !

5 by --erin kate
5, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I’m having an awesome time studying abroad! On the knitting side, I’ve found a great knitting group to practice my spanish. (Even though it’s horribly embarrassing.) I head to Teixicòmanes every wednesday night. : )

Also, I visited the South of France last weekend & stumbled upon two yarn stores. Naturally I bought some Made-in-France souvenirs !

(my travel blog if you want to see more )

hola !

barca by --erin kate
barca, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I’m studying abroad in Barcelona for the semester! It’s only been a week & I love it already.

& of course I brought a knitting project with me. . .

I’m knitting these stockings when I have time. : )

The view outside my apartment!

I also brought this notebook for drawings here & there. . .

. . . a quick sketch I did of the beautiful Sagrada Familia.

If you’ve been to/live in BCN, let me know if there’s anything I must see or do!

p.s. if you want to keep up with what I’m doing, I’m keeping a photo blog here: http://erin-extranjera.tumblr.com

baby hats & more infinity

919 by --erin kate
919, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

Happy friday! 🙂

I’ve been making baby & preemie hats out of scraps of yarn from projects. Here are two that I made over the past week or so. (Once I have a lot of them I’ll be donating them to the hospital.)

I’m also working on (yet another) infinity scarf. Right now I’m working on miles of plain stockinette in this raw sugar/cream colored alpaca (so soft!). This will be the inside, close to my neck. The outside is going to be knit in gold sparkle-flecked pink and sand colored yarn. (Not sure which stitch yet.)