lace overlay hat & freelancing

i’m starting a new design . . . a lace overlay hat. i’m really excited about how its turning out so far. i used really soft chunky wool for the base of the hat & the lace is a super-fine (& also soft) alpaca.

i’ve also polished up my blog design! i made this new header & this wip video. i started with a bunch of watercolor circles & then added the text & knit stitch border in illustrator. adding in these social media buttons that i made from gold foil photos really seemed to tie it together

along the same lines, i did some exciting work freelancing recently. i created this logo for She Enlightened, a new feminist-spiritual site with meditations, affirmations, and a mission of gender equality. we worked together to create this logo, a combination of a lotus flower (a classic feminine symbol) with the “aries” symbol (often connected with the womb & feminism). i’m really proud of how it came out, especially when i see these sketches from where we started out !

(if you’re interested in hearing more about she enlightened you can check out their twitter as well !)

wip : thrummed mittens, giants, & vectors

in the midst of this very cold winter i’ve cast on a pair of thrummed mittens! i’ve never worked with thrums before but i really love how fluffy & warm they’re turning out. i’m more or less using this pattern from the yarn harlot

. . . also on the needles, a soon-to-be cowl — ultra warm. i’m using size 50 (US) needles & raw, unspun roving. this is so quick to knit & the fabric it produces is amazing.

& something a little different. . . a mock travel poster that i created in illustrator for class. always on the lookout for city lights !!

works in progress!

160 by --erin kate
160, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

I’m on spring break! I spent the first half of my week-long vacation visiting friends at my old college (I transferred after a major change) & enjoying a little time in nyc. Above is what I was knitting on my 8-hour train ride to the city (A sparkly cotton/rayon tank top) and perfect-sky-blue baby alpaca that I bought at purl soho..

{iphone picture courtesy of my friend marie london}

But I’m home now & working on a couple little things. Here’s the very beginnings of a floral watercolor. 🙂

wip wednesday: madtosh hat

1773 by --erin kate
1773, a photo by –erin kate on Flickr.

This picture shows one day of knitting. This hat is so quick! It’s another pattern I’m working on. (I have a couple of finished objects, but no time to take some nice pictures!)

The yarn is incredible! And yes, it is a skein of Madtosh that I bought at Purl soho. (The color is so pretty, but I wish I had gotten a skein of “cove” too.)

 & incredible pink skies . . .