sing for hope

acrylic on piano

after being a public art exhibit, she’ll go live in a public school in the bronx!

about the sing for hope pianos:
“The Sing for Hope Pianos, a public art project that merges creative placemaking with our mission of art for all.
In June, we bring stunningly painted pianos – each a unique piece of art created by a different artist or designer – to New York City’s parks, streets, and public spaces for anyone and everyone to play.
From impromptu concerts to sing-alongs, children discovering the joy of music-making for the very first time, and even marriage proposals, the Sing for Hope Pianos inspire community engagement.
After their public exhibition, Sing for Hope donates the instruments to NYC organizations and community centers, where they live on as hubs of our year-round arts programming.
As NYC’s largest public art project, the Sing for Hope Pianos impacts an estimated 2 million New Yorkers and visitors each year.” learn more at

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